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Apple Mail conversion software that is Automate, fast and accurate!

Apple Mail Conversion Software

Some of the reasons that stop one from carrying Apple Mail conversion on their own is the complexity and amount of time demanded by the process. But you do not have to delay it anymore, all you need is Mail Extractor Pro by USL software which is your forever companion in easy and safe conversion. It is for use by everyone and in every sphere- whether at home or in an office setting.

Apple Mail Conversion

Simplest Apple Mail conversion steps

To convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST formats using this software would provide to you the comforts you have been looking forward to in Apple mail conversion. Using this software one has to go through using just a few steps and the result would be as desired. Begin by downloading and installing this software, it will automatically select the entire database, even split files if necessary, all you have to do is to select folders that you want to convert and then click on ‘locate folders’ to access the newly converted files.

Unicode compatible Apple Mail conversion service

Using this software you would face no complexities converting any kind of file. One can convert even files that are in languages such as korean, japanese and chinese- languages that utilize double-byte characters. It preserves small yet significant details too- mail components like metadata, subject, read/unread status.

Preserving attachments and nested messages does not require any extra effort. This software preserves them automatically.

Enables faster conversion

The user would not feel as if they had to spend a long time converting Apple Mail to PST since this software provides the most effective yet the shortest mail conversion facility. To ensure that the data is converted faster, this software supports bulk conversion of data. So, in a single batch one can select several files for conversion. This saves one from the hassle of repeatedly choosing files one by one.

Carries the conversion in the mac itself

Usually the process of Apple Mail conversion requires the user to transfer the data to the windows first. There is no such necessity when using this software. One gets to convert data directly in the mac, this saves the user’s time and makes the process even simpler.

Inbuilt pst splitter helps in smooth conversion

If a mail file is too large in size, you can opt to split it into smaller parts. This will help in the easy processing of data. This step is advised when the files are quite large, up to 15 gb in size.

Auto-loads the entire database

To make sure that the users do not have to undergo the manual process of selecting the files, this software provides the service of auto-loading the entire database at once. This makes sure that you do not have to convert the files to MBOX format first.

These and other conveniences can be enjoyed while using this software, you can download the trial version of it from the link below.

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