OST to PST Converter for Mac and Windows

OST Extractor Pro can recover and convert OST to PST for Mac Windows Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML, ICS, VCF file formats.



Easy to Use

Easy to use ost converter tool that works on both Mac and Windows.

Accurate Result

It gives you 100% accurate results, you will get as is copy of your mailbox.

OST Conversion

It converts ost file into multiple file formats – *.pst, *.mbox, *eml etc.

Safe & Secure

Safe & secure conversion and recover everything from OST file.



OST Extractor Pro is available for both Mac and Windows and convert your ost data file into multiple file format.

ost to pst converter for mac

For Mac

OST Extractor Pro works on Mac OS 10.7 to 10.13.

ost to pst converter for windows

For Windows

OST Extractor Pro works on all Windows version (Both 32 & 64 bit system). Now it is outlook independent.



The Best OST to PST Converter That Works All the Time!

OST to PST converter is something that not even the top IT professionals take lightly. The sad fact is that even though OST and PST belong to a popular email client, Outlook, there’s no in-built or even professional third-party tool exists that can let you convert the files correctly.

However, that’s no longer true. If you have been searching for the best approach for OST to PST conversion, your search ends here.

OST Extractor Pro,” from USL Software, brings to you simply the best way to convert OST to PST files. The team at USL Software did everything they could to make it as easy and simple as possible without compromising with the features and accuracy. And they truly came up with a solution that works all the time.

With “OST Extractor Pro,” You will never have to face another problem with the OST to PST converter anymore. Through its advanced and dedicated logic to process information within OST files, you will get the cleanest and the most correct conversion results.

What does correct conversion mean in terms of OST to PST Converter?

Virtually any data conversion task has a risk, and that is loss in data integrity. What that means is that while converting data, it’s likely that some of the details would either be lost in transition or will be converter partially. Just like when you translate a language into another, you lost some of the inherent meaning. Same is with email file conversion.

And with OST to PST Converter, data integrity is even at larger risk because both files have varying structures and framework in which they operate. Any converter tasked with the processing of information and conversion within these two files have to go through rigorous extraction that requires dedicated logic for converting complex items.

For instance – email files like OST can contain email attachments, images, non-English text characters, headers, and other metadata. All of such items are tricky to get imported from OST to PST. Only a professional tool can perform the clean conversion that’s required by both basic home users and by users in work environments.

And this is where ‘OST Extractor Pro’ truly come across as the single most tool with the ability to convert data accurately without a single loss in information. It is perfect for users that have large and multiple OST files containing a lot of complex information within their email folders, such as client’s bank details, images, or anything with sensitive data.

More than that, “OST Extractor Pro” also makes it too simple and straightforward. And when you couple that with its power to convert files without integrity damage, you get a software application that is unmatched with anything else.

Try this OST to PST Converter

If you want to go through OST to PST conversion but aren’t ready to face severe data integrity loss, not ready to waste your entire data on it, and do not have experience to go through the details of this task – “OST Extractor Pro” is for you.

You can get the trial copy using the link below and have everything checked out in person. You are not going to regret it.

free software to convert ost to pst

Get the ost to pst converter free trial version for your evaluation.

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